Tuesday , April 20 2021

Bragin: Russians in Physical Plan were not easy in match national team QMJHL with hockey

MOSCOW, November 14 – RIA News. Russian junior ice hockey players were not easy in matches with the Quebets Main Team (QMJHL) as part of a series of games with the junior group's Canadian League, Russia coach Valery Bragin told reporters.

The meeting on Tuesday in Sherbrooke ended with a Russian victory of 5: 1. The score was 3-2 for Bragin.

"Yesterday's victory (Monday – ed.) Got a lot of strength, so it was not easy for the Quebec national team to physically have to look at players in such difficult circumstances," says Bragin, whose words appear on the official website of the Russian Hockey Federation (FHR).

"Players have understood how to play correctly and show complete dedication." In the sixth game we look forward to seeing the same thing. With regard to tactics we acted correctly, suffered a lot and we did, "the coach said.

The last sixth match in the series, the Russian "Youth Team", will be held again against the QMJHL team, which will be held on Thursday in the town of Drummondville.

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