Monday , June 14 2021

Galk lives in Cyprus "bought" Pugacheva's children: Show Business: VladTime

Maxim Galkin did her best to leave Lisa and Harry with her.

During the past month, the artist has developed a clear way of doing things. Fans do not doubt that he has plans for himself, but he has recently decided on the timing and action algorithm for their implementation. Without a reason for the Galkin's planned rounds, the last geographic point is Cyprus. Obviously, this island can become its place of introduction during Pugacheva's divorce proceedings. When Cyprus has concerts in front of the Russian diaspora, Maxim stays in a luxurious mansion whose family has acquired a Mediterranean summer cottage. However, disaggregating marriage and asset allocation are important to Galkin, but a small matter – he is more concerned about the future.

It is well known that Maxim is a loving father and can not imagine life without Harry and Lisa. That's why she tried everything to leave the kids with her. Fans are confident that the artist is about to spend the free life on the island with her. To this end, Galkin promised them endless "gratuitous disobedience" and offered them a right of residence. Many are confident that such a movement is fully justified and the parody literally "bought" their children from a rigorous mother. Children of this age are very inspiring and confidential, and Maxim was able to persuade the children to stay as a father. Lisa and Harry appreciate the warm atmosphere of the island and the relaxed life of an excellent father. After that, they do not want to go back to Moscow, with endless circuits, learning foreign languages, and cold. Thereafter, Galkina will have to settle the case with Baranovskaya and her three children, who will also have to be taken to Cyprus.

Dmitry Brockhaus


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