Friday , February 26 2021

How to lower high blood pressure at home without pills

High pressure in the containers destroys them

High pressure in the containers destroys them

Half of all strokes and heart attacks can be avoided by strengthening blood vessels and protecting them from high blood pressure.

How to strengthen blood vessels

According to the director of the Center for Prevention and Sports Medicine at the University of Munich Martin Halle, about 50 percent of heart attacks and strokes could be avoided if hypertension is diagnosed and neutralized in a timely manner.

According to him, even moderately high blood pressure damages blood vessels and causes cardiovascular disease. Only at the best value 120/80 mm Hg. Art. vessels are not exposed to dangerous stress, higher values ​​indicate overload of the circulatory system.

Three main causes of high blood pressure:

  • obesity

  • passive lifestyle,

  • improper nutrition.

How to really reduce blood pressure at home

Hypertension persists in approximately half of patients treated with medication. An expert warns that it is useless to lower high blood pressure without changing your lifestyle.

Dr. Martin Halle recommends the following steps to lower your blood pressure without pills

  • Exercise. Even a 15 minute walk a day can lower your blood pressure by 5-8 mmHg. Art. Cycling, hiking, Nordic walking and jogging are perfect! Just enjoy the outdoors.

  • For weight loss. Each pound removed soothes the heart and strengthens blood vessels. For every kilogram of weight dropped, blood pressure drops by 5-10 mm Hg. Art.

  • Food. A strict diet is not required, eat more vegetables, preferably variety, and less bread, sausage and cheese. Attention! Consumption of salt increases blood pressure.

A healthy, high-vegetable diet plus daily exercise leads to weight loss, and this is the most important natural remedy for high blood pressure, as effective as pills.

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