Kinopoisk users called the movie "Fool" for the best of 15 years



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MOSCOW, November 10 – RIA News. Service KinoPoisk made a survey among Russians and defined the best Russian film in the last 15 years. Voting took place on the official page of the service on the social network "VKontakte".

Cinema audience. Stock Photography
It was named the best horror movie in history

A total of six candidates, of which the best film was chosen by the best actor, director, series and film.

Yuri Bykov's "Fool" film won the nomination "From Russia to Love", suggesting a movie selection that changed from the Russian film for the past fifteen years.

"The King says!" In the designation of a nominee leader who made a significant contribution to the Russian film in the last fifteen years, users also recommended Bykov.

Konstantin Khabensky won the title "Professional", which is often shown to the actor, but is always welcome.

Frame anime Fireflies Tomb (1988)
It was named the best film in the movie

When the nomination "Star was born" in which they chose a young filmmaker whose viewers are ready to give the national film the future, the winner was actress Irina Gorbacheva.

"I Am Legend" has suggested choosing the nature of a movie or series that can be considered a generation hero. The winner was the sign of Anton Gorodetsky – Khabensky's Night Watch movie.

In the nomination, "Lost" viewers chose a finished series that they would like to see. Here the winner was the series "Brigade".


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