Strongly brilliant sound gave the Prima Donna doctor a sick heart


Below Borisovna was horrified with Instagram subscribers with a "family-style yummy" voice, giving the following speculation about his pre-infarction conditions.

While Maxim Galk is on tour in the United States, young Harry and Lisa youngsters are happy with their cheerful reels at mature moms. Alla Pugacheva continued social activities to show "family food", that is, a collective meal.

"My mother's favorite sandwiches," smashed a Soviet citizen artist who announced his fan.

A very quiet voice sank the first woman's sore heart. Everything is so obvious that even Harry was confused when he heard his mother's worrying remark, the doctor noticed. Pugacheva is sitting in a relaxed home environment, complete peace of mind, but some Alla Borisovna can hardly breathe. All novice doctors say that wheezing is a symptom of serious cardiac problems, especially as a pre-infarct, and all have long-known heart disease Prima Donna, which ended in three activities.

"And how can a concert tour be given in this mode? Pugacheva and one song are not enough," – worried fans.

Optimistic supporters are not reluctant to alert, including Instagram facts. Galk would not have gone seriously from a sick spouse who was not at all ill because just a week ago, Alla Borisovna danced in Alisher's rock band.


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