Wednesday , June 16 2021

What to choose from Camry mileage or a new Solaris expert report – Rambler / auto

Automotive experts compared the new version of the Toyota Camry to the Hyundai Solaris budget and found out which car to choose.

Today, purchasing Hyundai Solaris in Russia will cost a potential buyer at least 694 900 rubles in the simplest form. For such money, it is possible to become the owner of Toyota Camry 140-170 thousand kilometers on the secondary car market.

According to an expert, this mileage pretty good sedan is already in a state that leaves much to be desired in all important parameters. The main complaints of our customers are the condition of the car interior, which has lost its attractive appearance, poor dynamic performance, windscreen cleaning system, braking and some other functions.

Getting a car out of your hand is like a lottery. In this case, the expert recommends that you thoroughly test all parameters. If customer experience is not enough, you should use the services of more experienced partners.

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