72 hours separates us from paying the support to the citizens' account. Registration continues through this link

Citizens – Riyadh

72 hours, is now separated from the 12th installment date of the citizens' accounts for beneficiary accounts that have fulfilled the eligibility criteria and eligibility requirements through the program portal, which is to deposit in the morning on Sunday, 11 October.

Registration is in progress:

This happens when the registration continues twelfth to the date of payment of the new subsidy through the program portal in the following link (here).

Waiting for Wednesday, next is the deadline for registration in the new lottery.

Registration takes place on Citizen's Account by entering a citizen account portal by entering a personal ID, birth date, mobile number, and then steps until the registration process ends.

Program Objectives:

Support for a citizen's document will be paid on the tenth day of the Gregorian month or on the day before or after the tenth day of the official holiday.

The citizens' account is intended to alleviate the direct and indirect effects of economic reforms on Saudi households. The value of the aid includes a change in fuel and electricity price increases and the impact of value added on food and beverages.

Eligibility criteria:

To fulfill the program's eligibility requirements, the registrar must be a Saudi national, with the exception of a son and daughter of nationality, a non-Saudi spouse and holders of mobility cards.

It is also necessary to have the benefit of the beneficiary's permanent residence in the State so that he has not resided outside the United Kingdom for more than 90 days in the last 12 months.

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