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Khaled Atwi: The wish was crowned with the young green Asian Cup

Khaled Atwi: The wish was crowned with the young green Asian Cup

Al-Ammar has been appointed for a foreign professional … and promised strong preparation for the World Cup in Poland

Tuesday 27 Safar 1440 H – 06 November 2018 AD number [

Turkish Al-Sheikh meeting with members of the Saudi team for young Asian teenagers yesterday ("Middle East")

Riyadh: Emad Al-Mufuz

The 19-year-old Saudi youth team champion coach Khalid Al-Atwi, the South Korean champion of the Green Race, revealed that the Asian name was achieved thanks to the strong will of the players and stressed that the Saudi Sports Event greatly supports the leadership of the country.
Al-Atawi told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that he was certain before the start of the tournament that players would be able to reach the Asian Cup against the numbers and stats that the players will cross in front of their competing teams. He pointed out that the work system during which the preparation of the games did not depend on one player, the Integrated Package.
The young green coach invests Turku Al-Ammar's ability to outsource professionalism to the player's professional skills and mentality.
Al-Atawi said that Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the Center for Sport, yesterday at their meeting will have them as a catalyst for doubling the work in the next step to respect the country and revealing arrangements for the preparation of the World Cup next summer.
> When did the Asian Youth Cup feel like a Saudi team?
– I do not think if I told you that I had a lot of confidence when we arrived in Jakarta and I had the intuition to reach the title and my words were not blue, but came from God's success and then from the solidarity that surrounds the players. Add to this level and combat that they were in all games and it was a real secret In our positive results, the winning page became the goal in every game.
> How did you prepare for the matches and did you have a prior idea and information about the participating teams?
– I am certainly prepared a file for each competing tiimelle and followed the matches and the strengths and weaknesses, and found the Saudi team is the best and the strongest of all the participating teams, as well as numbers and statistics and all the continuation of the tournament praised the level by the Saudi team and agree that green is the best and right To achieve this and during each game, the Saudi team's performance increases our testimonies in all the games we played and to reach the full character without any loss.
> What was the game I was afraid when the team took over?
This was in a quarter of Australia, the team was at its highest level, in the Japanese match the whole game was in front of their rights, we did not give them any opportunities for progress, we have a lot of chances in our goals. The goals and ultimately the team continued their excellence and won two goals with the goal of doubling the result and deciding on the game's victory and achieving the title.
> What do you think and you are the first Saudi coach to reach the Asian Championships for young people under 19?
– It is, of course, a feeling of unprecedented pride that I am going to make the Asian Championships in Saudi Arabia and this achievement is a great responsibility.
> Getting to Saudi Arabia on the National Road 100% Is it time for a Saudi coach to trust in leading national teams?
– I hope the Saudi coach will get the opportunity for the Saudi Football Association and give him the opportunity to succeed and offer all his potential and experience and we see that many Saudi coaches have achieved a lot of tournaments and what has been achieved with God's success and then joined everyone who attended by Technology, Assistant, Administrative Staff, Doctor and two players, and I think it is part of the work system.
> How do you see the future players of the league and the opportunity to negotiate with them and the opportunities to participate?
– Each player has tried to prove his presence in his club and to reserve his seat. There is nothing easy, and when a player has the skills and skills, the club signs up with him and takes full advantage of it. The coach is looking for success, and if he sees this game, the team will be a good team.
> Do you want Saudi team players to practice abroad and how many candidates?
– When a player has ambition and desire and has a positive mind, he can have external expertise and we have more than a player who has the skills and skills to help them without mentioning their name.
> Does this team work in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?
– I think the Olympic Games are participating in the Olympics and the Youth Team under 19 years of age will participate in the World Cup in Poland in May.
> How does Poland prepare for the World Cup?
– It is an intense program with a number of strong matches in international teams.
> What happened to you and the president of the sports authority during the Cup transfer?
– I do not hide that his words were beautiful and encouraging and they felt they had achieved the achievement and enough to say about his support for the team and to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties and to seek all the benefits and team development, including the outside player's grant.
> Who is the first person to park you in the title?
My dad and my wife stood with me and supported me. It seemed to me the most, as did the Saudi people's invitations that motivated us to doubled the efforts of all missionary members to awaken them on the mainland.
> How do players react to the referee after a whistle?
– Honestly, everyone was a technical and administrative staff and the players were proud of their happiness and before the tournament started, players wanted to play in the World Cup and thank God and then their efforts and dedication and work achieved what we were trying to achieve and dreams of true determination and will strong for every player and this thing made matters a lot easier for us.
> What does it mean to get the best tournament tournament and fix the green prize for the best player and the ideal team?
"It means a lot to us and we need to make more and more efforts to achieve achievements and championships and these awards have come after all and all the information and information that I have left before the tournament is the best player after reaching four goals, even if he is not an attacker and our system is not dependent on one player or goalkeeper and I put Turkish professional skill on the success he has potential and mental good and personal.
> Do you see new names in the next step that are added to the team?
– Doors are open to everyone and we are looking for the best and the opportunity to represent the home country is available to everyone and to prove that its value and ability does not hesitate to choose and feel that these players are enthusiastic and fighting teams to participate and do not believe that we have passed camps and heroism as yesterday a beautiful atmosphere between us and cooperation and respect is the foundation of love and the old between small and large.
> After the Championship How does the work continue in the league and the players?
– Next, we will definitely be watching league players and tracking players who are ready to participate and then the program starts.
> Have you talked to Saudi Football Association President Qusay Al-Fawaz about the upcoming program to prepare for World Cup races?
– The leader of the Football Association of Qusay al-Fawaz beat the team and when he took over the Union, he called me directly and said that I would go back to the cup and thank God for not betraying him.
> Your national team's candidacy was during the time of the former president of the Football Association Ahmed Eid. What do you say to him who gave you the confidence to coach the national team?
– Ahmed Eid Our testimony of being wounded is an example for everyone and in his time has enabled many Saudi coaches and all of them have achieved success.

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