Saturday , February 27 2021

Saudi Arabia now distributes 20,000 homes to citizens as the first step in Mecca

Ahmed Al-Lihani (Mecca) @ amead9999

Holy Capital's Secretariat has granted eight residential properties to Mekka, Al-Jumoum, Asfani and Jaraan's housing department with a total area of ​​56 million square meters for the development and implementation of housing projects or housing allowances in accordance with housing programs. , Provided that the infrastructure is complete.

This was attended by two architects of the Holy Mosque, Mohammed Al-Quwaim, Mohammed Al-Mudeihim, Deputy Minister of Housing and Housing, Abdulhamid Al-Hammad, Director of the White House Department, Abdul Aziz Al-Shadoukhi,

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Source: Okazin newspaper

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