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Sudanese pound "stability" against the dollar and exchange rates today on the black market


Sudanese pound price todayExchange rate monitoring in Sudan continues through Arab News News, where we look at the sale and purchase price of the Sudanese currency against the US dollar, the euro and Saudi Arabia, as well as some exchange rates and Arabs against the black market in Sudan.

The price of the Sudanese pound has been falling for several months, with the Sudanese Government and the Central Bank deciding to release the pound against the dollar and the various international currencies.

Exchange Rates Against Sudanese Pounds Today Black Market

The Sudanese government has succeeded in achieving its goal of liberalizing the pound sterling and struggling to reduce the difference between the prices of the Bank of Sudan and the black market, where the Sudanese currency is currently slightly different from the official price of the banks and the price in the parallel market, and the dollar to the dollar and the dollar. Currencies on the black market today

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Currency Price against the pound sterling on the black market
US dollar price 67.00 Sudan Pounds
Saudi exchange rates 17.86 GBP
Euro price 75.04 Pound Sterling
United Arab Emirates Dirham Rate 18.35 GBP
Qatari rice course 18.38 GBP
Pound price 83.75 GBP
Egyptian Pound 4.00 GBP
Kuwait Dinar Prices 229.83 GBP
Oman prices 158.46 GBP
Bahrain Dinar Prices 147.91 GBP
Libyan dinar prices 34.72 GBP
Australian dollar prices 34.94 GBP

Currency rates in Sudan from the National Bank

The Bank of Sudan has announced that the dollar has fallen in banking transactions when it was 47.5 pounds sterling and exchange rates against the Sudanese currency. The Bank of Sudan's exchange rates were as follows:

currency buy sales

Japanese Yen

English pound

Swiss franc

Canadian Dollar

Swedish crown

Norwegian Krone

Danish Krone

Kuwait Dinar

Saudi Riyal

UAE Dirham

Qatari Riyal

Bahrain Dinar

The currency of COMESA

US Dollar (Egypt)

Complete liberalization of exchange rates for the Sudanese pound

After the Sudanese Government had decided to release the pound sterling for about nine months, but partly the government adopted a new decision at the beginning of November 2018, during which the price of the Sudanese pound was fully released to all international currencies when the Central Bank of Sudan intervened. Partly through exchange rates, the general index of sales and purchase prices of currencies in Sudanese banks. Sudanese pound price today

Airlines are giving up the Sudanese pound against the dollar

Some airlines in the Republic of Sudan have announced a change in the currency through which their air tickets are purchased, where they are priced in US dollars instead of the Sudanese pound and thus a direct financial strike in the Sudanese pound on the market against currencies, after giving up the Sudan currency support in the light of the current economic conditions of the state.

Sudan's pound rise after the removal of the president

Political revolutions or unrest are often affected by national exchange rates, but the Sudanese pound has risen on the black market recently since former President al-Bashir was abolished when the dollar was sold in parallel markets over 74 pounds in Sudan For each dollar the exchange rate drops and US currency prices in Sudan are falling an average of fifty pounds, which means that the dollar will drop more than 33 percent of its value before depositing Bashir.

The price associated with buying and selling currencies in the parallel market today

Most of the currencies stabilized at pounds at the beginning of the day, in contrast to some appreciation of the euro and the pound sterling, in order to maintain stability at the end of last week.

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