Sunday , August 1 2021

The prosecution office places special cameras on the investigative offices

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Thank you for reading Al-Aibani: the prosecution office places special cameras on the investigative offices, and therefore we assure you that we always try to offer you everything new and exclusive.

JEDDAH – Director of the Human Rights Organization, Dr Bandar Al-Aiban, stated that the national prosecution unit places special cameras inside the investigative offices and circumvent its members to comply with the relevant documents in order to define the rights of defendants and incorporate the concepts contained in human rights treaties. Strengthening criminal justice.

He stated in the statement by the Geneva Human Rights Council that the Ministry of Justice will implement a large number of legal awareness programs in cooperation with civil society organizations by providing free legal advice. Judicial advisers have also assisted women agencies acting in the jurisdictions to provide free human rights services.

Al-Aiban added that the Kingdom has carried out a pioneering experiment that can be utilized and shared by giving the community regular stays without financial contributions and providing healthcare and education services.

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