Thunderstorms «8» in Saudi Arabia


Riyadh – Harmony:

Meteorology and Environmental Protection Authority in its report on today's weather conditions – God willing – predicted that the opportunity is still ready with thunderstorms and active winds, limiting the horizontal view in the eastern regions and Riyadh Qassim and Hail also in the areas of Jazan and Assyria, Al Baha and Makkah Heights.

The sky may be partially cloudy with Jouf and the northern border with the rain clouds, and the event is likely to be foggy in the early morning and early hours of the morning in those parts of the area.

The report found that the surface wind moves the Red Sea to the north northeast in the north and south to southeast to 18-40 km / h.

Wave height from two to two meters, the average sea level, while the windmill in the Arabian Gulf is north to 18-40 km / h, a height of 1-2 meters and a Mediterranean state.


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