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Tunisia celebrated the Esperance gift almost 100 percent

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Tunisia celebrated the Esperance gift for its centenary approach, borrowing the Saouris website, on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Tunisia celebrated the Esperance gift almost 100 percent for publication at Okaz on 11-11. 2018 Tunisians celebrating the streets of the capital early on Saturday, and Esperance won the African Champions League victory at Al Ahl's expense. Esperance wins tens of thousands of fans at the Rades stadium in the capital, winning 3-1 in Alexandria and adding to the third star race in 1994 and 2011. At the end of the match, fans in the streets of the capital came to laugh, dance, fireworks and sing "Heroes, Heroes". On Friday morning, Friday morning, they have been able to touch the tense match between Tunisia and Tunisia. Fans began to parade at the Rades Stadium one hour before the start of the game and the stadium was full of 60,000 spectators. In cafes and public places, all eyes were attached to the TV screen to follow the performance of the red and golden team when it was anticipated that the host looked closer to the title, especially when the contestant Saad Bakir started the break in the first minute. First, before the second half is added in the second half, Anis Al Badri ends in a superb third target. Esperance managed to reach the fabulous second Rimaladada for the second time in the second round as he defeated Rades' final game, losing 0-1 away to Angola's Primero de Agost for a 4-2 win where the winners came to the final. Click here to read news from the source.

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