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Environment: AFD funds projects to protect Langue de Barbaria in Senegal

barbarian language Senegal river saint louis
barbarian language Senegal river saint louis

On Tuesday, 6 November 2018, the French Development Agency signed three financing agreements with the Senegalese State. The purpose of these agreements is to finance environmental projects, in particular to protect the Langue de Barbarie area north of the country with CFA 20 billion.

For several projects, Senegal has just received new support from the French Development Agency (AFD). On Tuesday, both parties signed three contracts totaling FRF 20 billion (CFA) funded for coastal erosion and flooding and climate change adaptation projects.

"The signing of these financing agreements reflects the commitments of these two countries in the context of international initiatives on environmental protection and sustainable development, in particular the COP 21 and the One Planet summit," comments Senegal Minister of the Environment. Finance and finance.

The projects under consideration, which are well-developed, under Action 2 of the Emerging Senegal (ESP) program, in particular "human capital, social protection and sustainable development", seek to strengthen the authorities' efforts to combat floods and floods. coastal erosion in the West African country.

Erosion control and flood risk management

In detail, the First Convention, signed by the AFD and Senegalese Governments, concerns the short-term fight against coastal erosion in the Langue de Barbarie area of ​​Saint-Louis (north). The project includes an emergency protection structure for the area. The first project is "estimated at € 18.8 million (CFA 12.3 billion) and its contribution to AFD is € 16 million (CFA 10.4 billion), including EUR 6 million (CFA3.9 billion) francs) in the form of donations, "said Amadou Bâ.

"The purpose of this project is to support the Senegalese government in implementing the conservation measures of the Langue de Barbaré, which face climate conditions that have destroyed many homes, and the extension of the safeguard will help to preserve the homes in this sensitive area, and AFD is expediting the project," said Saint -Louis Mayor Mansour Faye and also the Senegalese Minister. hydraulics.

In the case of the second contract, it relates to the integrated management of flood risks. "In the context of the Green Climate Funds, AFD has set up Senegal a package of EUR 15 million (CFA 9.8 billion), according to which Minister Bâ €. These funds will be added to the 235 billion FCFA investment that has already been spent on sanitation.

Adapting to climate change

The third agreement signed by AFD and Senegal concerns Senegal's support for climate change adaptation strategy. According to Senegal's Environment and Sustainable Development Minister Mame Thierno Dieng, the project "seeks to provide high-tech expertise to support the preparation of adaptation programs for Senegal and to the priorities of the NDC as defined in the Paris Climate Agreement" (Afrique.latribune)

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