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Ghana Prize-winning wild wildfire

Coach Joseph NDOKO released 21 injured Lionesses, a summary of ability, determination, rage, and selflessness to return a valuable prize to the Camera.

We can hardly say that this female CAN 2018, the insecure Lionesses want it for them. The technical staff understood this by reforming the 2016 "wounded" to get them revenge. And the colors of this costume are already visible: excellent qualification (10-0 in Congo), COSAFA vice chairmen of the tournament (as guest and Team C), a strong victory against Zambia on November 12, Côte d'Ivoire. But who are these girls willing to do anything by watering jersey on yellow green green? Who are those who always want to put Cameroon tickets on different scales? Here are the 2018 women's CAN Ghan Indomitable Lionesses, here are Joseph NDOKO 21.

Well-kept goals

1-Ngo Ndom Annette Flore
33-year-old Amazon FAP member. Fortunately, the final player in 2014, but still the best tournament goalkeeper. In 2015, he is part of a great team of the Canadian World Cup dragons, one of the wounded in 2016 and also the best goalkeeper. Annette is one of the strong links of this team on this trip.

2-Ndeme Bayegla Diane Nadège
He was on Annette Ngo NDOM's 19th COSAFA 2018 Tournament 19. The Cayman Girls' Doorway makes him the first possible entry for women's women. This call on the prestigious list is an invitation to overcome itself, to offer the best and mark forever the Cameroonian people's minds

3-Ongmahan Marthe Yolande
It is also his first experience of the African People's Assembly. AWA's girls team goalkeeper has been able to offer the 2018 Cameroon champion and his experience in the team for the benefit of the whole nation.

Lightweight and versatile defense

4-Manie Christine Patience
It is a long parchment that can describe the characteristics of the unloving Lioness captain. Christine, took part in the majority if not all of Cameroon's national women's team .KAN 2006, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and not mention the 2012 Olympics, 2015 World Cup etc. At 34 years old, Joseph NDOKO's daughters spokesman would finally want to raise the CAN prize, his cause in Ghana.

5-Awona Marie Aurelle
The 25-year-old Franco-Cameroon defender began his French experience with the national team in Canada in 2015. He is one of Cameroon's 2016 Nigerian victims. This is probably the cost of revenge for the Vice-President of Africa.

6-Meffomettou Tcheno Claudine Falone

2012 Olympics, 2015 World Cup, Women's Can 2016, as many Expeditions as defenders share with the national team. The 2016 final defeat has also remained through his throat, and the Ghana event will certainly give him the freedom.

7-Edjangue Siliki Augustine Sylva
She is one of the dean of choice for national women. Augustine was one of the most present at various meetings courses and other meetings related to the qualifications and preparation of this CAN. The Lieutenant-General of the Leftists, having lost twice against Nigeria, no longer wants the story to be repeated in Ghana.

8-Leuko Chiboso Yvonne Patrice
As in 2012 in London, Canada in 2015 and Cameroon in 2016, the versatility of Chiboson will surely benefit the group. In defense, such as the midfield, an injured lion does not hesitate to emphasize its features. This is certainly the case from 17 November to 1 December.

A stable and secure midfielder

9-Feudjio in Tchuanyo Ra
At age 23 Raissa is one of the strong and necessary connections of this team. The Incarnation of Stability in the Lionnes Midfield has also risen and dropped with the national team since 2012. He is undoubtedly a breeder in Cameroon in 2016. We have to rescue the Cameroonian soldier in the women's CAN finals, and Mademoiselle Feudjio plans to make a contribution to the building.

10-Ngock Yango Jeannette Grace
His preference was won by CAN Ghana 2018, which he appeared at the qualifying tournament. He again confirmed it kindly against ZAMBIA. One last entry, Ngock Yango, was illustrated by writing one of the goals of meeting 07. Ghana Adventure promises to be exciting.

11-Ngo Mbeleck Genevieve Edith
He is a Lionsess what Ambroise Oyongo BITOLO is for Lions. Genius but also a good sense of humor Geneviève can give himself his team and drift into jersey victory. In his recent performance in South Africa at the COSAFA tournament, where he was crowned in the semi-final match of Cameroon #Zambia when he was eliminated in his team's final.

12-Zouga Edo Francine Estelle
For us to remain at his discretion, we can not know that the Francine story with the Indomitable Lionesses national team is seven years. The NANCY-LORAINE defender in France played the team, the 2011 African Games, the 2012 Olympics, the 2014 CAN, the 2015 World Cup. CAN Ghana 2018 is another opportunity to show him the expertise.

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13-Abena Thérèse Ninon
It's part of the "little news" competition. But the level, Thérèse Ninon ABENA is at that time Louves MINPROFF. With his club he is a master of the name of Cameroon. ABENA has earned its meeting in this CAN program gradually. On most courses, Abena Thérèse Ninon brought with him the last COSAFA tournament in South Africa, including Mozambique from Mozambique for 8 goals, and made the sixth Cameroon goal in 58 minutes. CAN is a new experience, but also a place to show your talent in Africa and the eyes of the world.

14-Meyong Menene Charlene Yverna
An ugly leg fracture prevents him from attending Can 2016 in Cameroon. The loss of the trophy has remained double through the throat because it could not give anything on the pitch. This year, God wanted him to be part of the expedition, so something great is preparing for. The team is able to utilize its speed on the field. When preparing for this competition, Menene was one player who made the bomb worse for Mozambique in COSAF 2018 at 70 minutes.

A versatile attack

15-Aboudi Onguene Gabrielle
"OG7", "small car" and many other nicknames are his. Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene is a sure bet for Joseph Ndokon at the age of 21. Can 2016's dissatisfied finalists despite all his talent, the best player in the tournament also lost the AITEO Caf Awards 2017, which is the more expensive African player name for Nigeria's Asita Oshoala. The determination of the Cameroonian attacker will only replace his absolute love in his country. Gabrielle believes Cameroon's victory over this CAN and intends to give her the best chance of doing this.

Marlyse Ngo NDOUMBOUCK, Cameroon's striker in the latest Cameroon training before Côte d'Ivoire's Climate Change Preparing for Ghana Women's CAN 201_

16-Ngo Ndoumbouck Marlyse
"Far from the eye close to the heart," could we describe Marly's situation with the national team. Cameroon midfielder CAN in 2008, striker Nancy (France) made his "return" after nine years of absence. Absence that has affected the aggressiveness of weapons Lionnes, who seals his place in this team during the final qualifying stage at this CAN with excellent performances.

17-Nchout Njoya Ajara
The Cameroonian press has named it a "goal machine". Nchout Njoya Ajara's performances this season are the pride of Cameroonian football. In addition, in his club Sanvicken in Norway, the Cameroonian striker is the best scorer for 15 goals. His double on November 12, friendly to Zambia, strengthens the confidence Cameroon places on this CAN. Nchout with Njoya Ajara in the Lioness team it was raining in Ghana.

18-Abam Michaela
First appearance in the Cameroon national team, the first one for CAN Michael. ABAM has almost offended the Cameroon rules that would have been proven in the country to reach this level of representation. The fact that an attacker, a Cameroon-American who develops in Paris FC, the first line in France is a huge victory for choice. His scorer is certainly not at its height, but the desire to defend the yellow red green is a great boost. He was also doubly Cameroon-Zambia-friendly on November 12. Wait and see.

19-Ngono Mani Madeleine Michele
His desire to win this CAN is greater than all Cameroons together. His life as a football player, Madeleine Michèle, greatly played the national team. The dean has almost "all" given his talents. The CAN winner prize would be a great prize for the best scorer on the history of the undeclared Lioness and the Dean of the Dean. In her experience, Madeleine is able to create a translation in which no one believes that she has lost everything. For us CAN 2018, Madeleine Michèle

20-Akaba Edo Michele Henriette
The fastest goal of 2016 is the one who registers it. We also remember the wonderful double against Zimbabwe in the 1/4 finals defending the Lionesses. He said: "I showed that I earned a coach's confidence." Merit is renewed before anyone can produce miracles in a matter of seconds or at his own discretion when his opponents attack his teammates.

21-Gaelle Deborah Enganamouit
Elsewhere, when we say about the Cameroon women's football team, we first think about Gaëlle Deborah Enganamouti. Released to the public in the 2015 Canada World Cup, "the child of the competition" quickly became a real attraction. The best African player in the year could not have won a winner in 2016. His season was not the most flourishing, but the warmth of the reunion with his teammates is a booster. energy. The actual psychological impact on opponents Gaëlle Deborah Enganamoui's presence on the national team's lawns will always have Roger MILLA effect or Samuel ETO's son standing. Gaëlle Deborah Enganamoui has a lot to offer to the Cameroon team and this Ghanaian expedition is right.

Lions left the Côte d'Ivoire where they spent their training on adaptation. They have lived in Accra yesterday when a friendly match with Côte d'Ivoire had 2 goals in total. Joseph Floyd filled the first confrontation on Saturday with Mal.

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