Friday , February 26 2021

his wife Hélène reveals the actor’s “most beautiful birthday present” in photographs

This Wednesday, January 20, Omar Sy is celebrating his 43rd birthday. The opportunity for his wife, Hélène Sy, to reveal “the most beautiful birthday present” to the actress in Instagram photos. Intimate shots that delight fans.

Everyone smiles at Omar Sy. The actor is now the star of the new Netflix series, Lupine (to which we dedicated an episode of our Toudoum podcast) which is a hit with French fans and around the world. And the one who recently justified his silence about the closure of cinemas is lucky to be surrounded by a tight and loving family. Evidence of this is recently published on Instagram by his lifelong partner, his wife Hélène Sy. To celebrate 43 years of her life, she shared a series of family photos and sent a text in which she lovingly recounts what has been the “best birthday gift” for a woman a former SAV character.

Omar Reason became a father on his birthday

An actor who had sent a moving message to his wife on his birthday sees the ball returned to his court. In fact, it is now the turn of Hélène Sy, who never misses the opportunity to share beautiful and affectionate memories with her husband on social networks, writes her a special text for 43 years. In the Sy family, January 20 is a very special date since Omar Sy was born, but not only. In her sweet post, Hélène Sy tells how Omar Sy became a father 20 years ago (she was 23 at the time) for the first time in her life on January 20, just her birthday. “Today is Omar and Selly’s birthday”, writes happily to the mother of the family before she specifies: “Twenty years ago you came into the world after returning from a family birthday party to your father, who was 23 at the time. You were apparently the most beautiful birthday present for him, which” He could one day receive and us 2 good luck getting older for the first time. Since that day, you have taught us and has given us so many valuable lessons as a child and now a young woman, you have … What a special day this year on 20 january … I’m so proud of you 2 “. A true father-chicken, Omar Sy should appreciate this publication and his photographs that show all the love that unites this beautiful tribe. Internet users were also fascinated by this message and these intimate images: “Copy family. You’re all sublime,” “So beautiful family,” “How beautiful and moving these photos are,” “Sy family, so natural, so human, so simple.”, can we read from the comments.

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