In 2018, Total Senegal will increase its turnover in local markets …


Senegal's entire Senegal subsidiary has experienced significant growth in its home country. In 2018, according to the African News Agency (APA), a multinational company operating in the distribution of hydrocarbons achieved a high performance of around 5.407 billion CFA francs (about $ 9.191 million). 79.3% over the previous years.

On the local market, Total Senegal is recognized as the leader in fuel distribution. This year 2018 compared with the first half of 2017, when it was 3.015 billion CFA francs, this result in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 79.3% (1F CFA equivalent to $ 0.0017).

The result was largely due to a 16.9% increase in the company's domestic sales, reaching 307,680 tons 263,306 tons.

Revenue excluding taxes increased by 21% at a relative value to CZK 184.892 billion with a CFA of 152.488 billion on 30 June 2017.

From this point of view, the leaders of this oil company will continue to plan their operational excellence in conjunction with the dynamics and competence of their team. Anyone in their eyes should allow this company to continue its growth.

Total Group Holding 69.1%, Total Senegal has been listed on the regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) since February 2015. It distributes fuels through 175 service station networks. Not only Senegal but also corporate customers.


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