Sunday , May 16 2021

MC Solaar: What's his real name? – Mc Solaar News

He is one of the hip hop characters and historical figures in France and has led his career in this universe for over thirty years. Find out who is behind the artist's name MC Solaar.

MC Solaar is called in real life …

Claude Honoré Barali. With this last name, MC Solaar was born on March 5, 1969 in Dakar, Senegal. At 6 months of age in Paris, MC Solaar grew up from the city of Saint-Denis. After playing a part of her childhood in Egypt, Claude Honoré Mérial Barali settles permanently in France and starts her music career. Initially, Bouge de làn interpreter signs texts under Claude MC's name. Then he accepts artist MC Solaar's albums and concerts.

When the rappers change their names

Claude Honoré Barali is not the only French rapper who has decided to take a pseudonym. The hip-hop world approach is quite common. Doc Gynéco has been named for example by Bruno Beausir, JoeyStarr is known in the city as Didier Morville, Rohff is actually called Housni Mkouboi etc. DJs, we are used to changing his real name when you point to NRJ.

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