Friday , February 26 2021

OL loses to Metz and drops to third place behind PSG and Lille

The match was 0-1

OL was trapped at home against Metz (0-1) and conceded his second loss of the season against Montpellier 15. September. Metz striker Aaron Leya Iseka scored the winning goal in extra time (90 + 1). Lyonnais will be dropped to third place in the Ligue 1 table behind PSG and Lille.

In a fully open match, Messins managed to restrain Rudi Garcia’s men. Both teams were very offensive despite the lack of accuracy. The first shot doesn’t arrive until the 36th minute of the game in a strike by Lyon striker Karl Toko Ekambi.

Metz then proved to be very demanding of Lyon’s goal. In the 42nd minute, Boulaya tried to center the end, which ended up in the extreme of Anthony Lopes. The ball then returns to Gueye, who tries a shot, but Marcelo saves Lyonnais on the line.

Players returned from the locker room in the same spirit as the first episode, the ball crossed the field from one goal to another. 20 minutes into the game, Maxwell Cornet had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his kick from the left went wide. Algerian’s international goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja (32, 3 Lippia) folded and guided the ball quickly to the right corner before the corner kick.

Four minutes later, maybe a turning point for Gones. Memphis Depay gives the ball to the heel of Thiago Mendes. The Brazilian shot towards the goal, forcing goalkeeper Metz to make the parade on foot. The ball then hits the payroll before returning to Fabien Centonze’s head, who unfortunately hands the ball to Karl Toko Ekambi, who doesn’t hesitate to find his way into the net. After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, Stouhanie Frappart got himself booked. The manager of Aouar was not happy.

With 89 minutes, the pressure in Metz increased. Twenty meters away, Pape Sarr sees his shots from the right colliding with Anthony Lopes in the crossbar. The starting score is two minutes later from Aaron Leya Iseka. Toulouse borrowed the striker to get rid of the Portuguese goalkeeper completely and hit right from the right post.

Lyon drops this loss to third place in the championship, two points behind PSG and Lille. Messins, on the other hand, gets three places and rises to the first part of the table in ninth place in Ligue 1.

Match fact: Goal banned from OL

When Memphis Depay shone Thiago Mendes, the Brazilian defender hit the target. Alexandre Oukidja connects wiith the pass and nutmegs the keeper! Fabien Centonze put the ball to Toko Ekambille who hit it right. He thought about scoring a goal. After reviewing the pictures with VAR, the referee Stéphanie Frappart refused the Lyon goal to Houssem Aouar’s goal.


Prior to this match, Metz remained in a series of 8 consecutive games without winning against Lyon.

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