Sunday , May 9 2021

Presidential Action on Independence Day: Macky forgives 908 people

Of the Covid-19 situation, 69 new contaminations were reported on Monday. Of the 1,421 people tested, 69 returned positive, said Dr. El Haadji Mamadou Ndiaye, with a positivity rate of 4.86%. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the distribution of positive tests is as follows: 29 liaison officers, followed by units of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and 40 cases due to community mediation. However, Dr. El Hadj Mamadou Ndiaye said 28 serious cases are still being treated in intensive care units. According to the director of prevention, Covid-19-related deaths have not been recorded in hospital facilities. Dr. El Hadji Mamadou Ndiaye is also pleased that 83 patients have recovered from their health after a negative test. “Eighty-three (83) hospitalized patients were tested negative, so they were declared cured,” he said, convinced of the stability of the other patients.
To date, Senegal has 39,093 positive cases of coronavirus, of which 37,767 have improved, 1,063 have died and 262 are in treatment. The Director of Prevention urges the population to adhere strictly to individual and collective prevention measures. Since the start of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign, he eventually says 305,364 people have been vaccinated across the country.

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