Friday , February 26 2021

“The diary, which was rated 09/20, was the last in its class.” Teledakar

Leral, who demands that this letter be written to you, has a far-reaching logic of procrastination and delay. After cross-checking with authorized sources, Leral found a rose pot in your fusion. Given the hope that you will represent the whole people, it would be necessary to write this letter to you so that you can tell the truth and ask you to leave your hiding place.

Dear citizens, you will surely wonder why this participation. But remember that the excellent Diary planned its disappearance to avoid psychological torture, slander, and conflict. Because simply in this unit of excellence he was in, an average of 09/20 would be synonymous with Ndaaré’s rankings, in other words, the lowest in the class.

Understand that the diary with a grade of 09/20 was the last in its class. No surprise! Because in these colleges, which are often visited by the gifted, the student even interrupts the students, our 14/20 class is the last in its class.

Twice, Senegal’s best student, gone to France and headed to a prestigious school like Louis le Grand, our dear Diary has certainly stumbled and ended up lower than the last in our class. talented.

So the diary is accustomed to the podium and first-class placements of his previous classes, and he tries to endure this new reality set for him. Normal, they say, after integrating the French elite nursery, a diary in the run-up to the Grandes écoles competition, refuses to defeatism.

Unfortunately, he wanted to slip and disappear into nature instead of having to face it. He is the “beneficiary” of a drawn or forced destiny, a brilliant career awaiting. He represented the hope of the whole country, where such great destinies have become a rarity, which could be the motivation for his voluntary departure.

In the face of pressure, he may have been “crazy,” experiencing depression, as often happens in preparatory classes where overtime interruptions, depression are legions. Diary Sow may well be overwhelmed by the stakes. In the face of pressure from across the country, he may have broken into the fact that he has decided to disappear for a moment to return to the situation.

We Leral, Imagine your grief, dear Diary … the moral, psychological, and psychological suffering that enlivens you. But, please … come to mind quickly. Life goes on … and there are good opportunities ahead. You’re young, 20 years old, it’s not the end of life yet. Our innate rival, you have already jumped on parts of life like obstacles. Note that it is possible to stumble, fall and ascend in a race.

Being a believer, a reference that inspires many young Senegalese students, still gives us hope to register your name as a golden letter on the country’s list of great successes. And know it, it’s possible. All you have to do is put yourself back in courage to have more motivation to continue your normal studies.

Go through your hole … We got it. Perform separation. If only your mother, who is probably going through the hardest times of her life. “Goor Nga, Jambar Nga” … know you have tried. Enough … Simply understand that life is an eternal struggle that requires a powerful dose of carelessness to achieve goals.

Report a sister diary. That would be courage and courage. Otherwise, Senegal and your family will not forgive.

Leral urges you to cross borders.

Please diary!

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