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Ana Kokić ISKRENO admitted what MY WOMAN WOMEN

He was not supposed to be skinny …

time Ani Kokic the audience gave the nickname "pocket Venus" at the beginning of the career, but the singer does not hide that his years of difficulty keep his perfect line.

When she admitted herself, Ana enjoys making various specialties, and she still wants to try them, which makes her pounds. That is why it is often a diet, but its greatest desire to lose weight appears during the holiday season.

I am constantly diet and corrected diet, I have to constantly ensure that, if I am physically active enough, because I like to eat a lot. I also enjoy cooking, just like I like to try different specialties. Not even a local kitchen is hateful, so the only thing I can do is that I'm not supposed to be skinny. What one of my colleagues would say: "I die fat and happy". I'm cutting away, I love everything, and I do not deny any food, it's the story of the songwriter and it adds that it was recently in the diet.

– I have an empty stomach for days, because I again corrected diet. People tend to go up in the fall and winter, and I'm the only one who decided to lose weight – says the singer and reveals that her husband, Nikolainen, who plays water polo in Russia, is particularly grubby when it comes and feeds.

– There is never a local kitchen, and whenever I see you, I do dishes. He loves traditional dishes, such as peas, beans, moss and everything he does not have. On the other hand, I prefer gibanica and when I think about it, I want to spend time in the kitchen. I'm not even for those women who are hard to drop washing dishes after lunch – says a singer who can not start the day without morning coffee.

– Even when I have responsibilities in the morning, I never get it without coffee. If I do not have time to enjoy the morning rituals, I cook coffee and take it with me. Then I usually drunk in the car while driving – says Ana.

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