Monday , April 12 2021

Can you imagine the lonely Monika Beluči as a blond? (Photo)

Monika Beluči is for the whole world synonymous with lust, but that specific, true and natural. For the purposes of her roles that she interpreted, the actress went to bed, but she always remained consistent with Herself.

Still for the needs of the series, Monica Beluci, Rasna Italijanka, has become a blonde!

If photographs were taken on Instagram Dix pour cent, where in the third season These popular French series play a diva looking for a "normal man."

With a modern bob with a hairstyle, noisy bebiplave Colors of Kose, Monika really looks different, but it did not even diminish her sexiwork. It seems to be with any hairstyle and color, it radiated in the same way …

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