Saturday , February 27 2021

Chinese experts: Do not vaccinate the elderly with Pfizer

Chinese health experts have demanded that Pfizer use a vaccine against the coronary virus to stop the elderly due to deaths in Norway, the Chinese newspaper “Global Times” reported.


Image: Illustration / Depositphotos / Esbenklinker

Image: Illustration / Depositphotos / Esbenklinker

“Chinese health experts have urged Norway and other countries to suspend the use of mRNA-based coronavirus vaccines produced by companies such as PFizer, especially among the elderly.

According to a Chinese immunologist, a new mRNA-based vaccine was developed rapidly and has never been widely used to prevent infectious diseases, and its safety has not been widely established in human vaccinations.

Chinese experts point out that deaths must be carefully analyzed to determine whether the death is caused by vaccines or some chronic disease.

A virologist at Wuhan Yang Angci University, for his part, said that if it is proven that the deaths were caused by vaccines, the efficacy of Pfizer and other mRNA vaccines will not be as high as expected because the primary purpose of the mRNA-based vaccine is patient care.

It was previously reported that 23 people died in Norway after receiving the vaccine from the American company Pfizer and the German startup company Biontek.

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