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Djilas moved DS from Terazije | to politics

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8 November 2018 16:01 |

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Zoran Lutovac transferred the premises of the Alliance for Serbia party

Democrats are dissatisfied with the latest moves of party leader Zoran Lutovac who first decide to surrender Terazije 3's party facilities to Dragan Djilas and the Serbian Union and then boycott the elections in Kul, Kladovo and Doljevac, although there are strong local committees.

Democrats were not formally deported from Terazij's offices, which were the foundations of the party's city government since its inception, but in practice virtually no features of the DS, but solely by SS, whose officials are now using these meeting rooms daily.

A large number of Democrats are Angry at Lutovaca and it is not clear that the rental of this area, which DS will lease from the city, will still have to pay for the party or assume responsibility for the alliance.

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They see this transfer as a second step towards the total loss of the DSilas Union, thus interpreting the decision not to participate in future elections in three municipalities with good infrastructure and a large number of members.

In addition, they shocked the decision on the other hand in the Lučan elections where the DS should indeed be behind the royal presidential Dvera candidate, and the Democrats in recent days point out that Lutovac has changed them to the physical workers of Dragan Đilas and Bosko Obradović.

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