Do not play Savic, Jovetic … but Ivanić "threatens": We are running against all forces against Serbia


Optimism in the first gathering of the Montenegrin group, Backa Jarkan's guy ordered before Serbia to go to Belgrade's victory

PHOTO: V. Rakočević

Montenegro's election met yesterday in the Old Airport camp and started preparations for the last two matches in the United Nations, Serbia (Belgrade on November 17) and Romania (Podgorica, 20 November).

midfielder Mirko Ivanić, Master of BATE Borisov, arrived in Podgorica in honor of Belarus. Optimism encouraged he did not hide great expectations.

– After Lithuania's victory in the final round we have increased the chances of going further. We are always going to win against Serbia and we look forward to playing with Romania to leave the group as winners. This is our goal – he pointed out Mirko Ivanić.

Serbia was generally encouraged in Podgorica 2 months ago.

– We've learned a lot about the game, it's one of our worst games ever since Tumbakovic was on the bench. I believe that Belgrade has a completely different game and that we are playing much better than in Gorica. The desire was great for every teammate, it is safe in Belgrade, but we have to be smarter

Ivanić does not accept the theory of pressure before the match with Serbia.

– We do not play the first match for the first time. So far, we have not come from similar games like winners, but I think we've learned a lot about previous qualifications. I believe in a favorable outcome.

Previous matches have shown that "red" is playing better than their fans.

– It's not to measure whether we are playing sideways or at home. We have already demonstrated against Lithuania and Romania that we are good. We showed in Lithuania that we can play without major stars, and we do not have the time or the right to regret who is there and who is not. We have to go out and win!

After winning Podgorica, Eagles expects the Reds duel for their fans.

– Serbia after the Podgorica duo was unresolved with Romania. It is difficult for both us and us, but no one guarantees three points for Eagle Orlov. They have more faith than after the first game but it's a bigger motive to show that it was just a bad day for us – he said at the end of BATE Borisov's link.

The Montenegrin audience does not remember when the national team played the match with the strongest. This time out Stevan Jovetic, Nikola Vukcevic, Filip Stojković and Stefan Savić.

selector Ljubiša Tumbaković he had 16 players with his first training last night – Aleksandar Šćekić, Asmir Kajević, Boris Kopitović, Aleksandar Boljević, Darko Zorić, Marko Vešović, Luka Đorđević, Luka Mirković, Mirko Ivanić, Žarko Tomašević, Danijel Petković, Milan Mijatović, Damir Ljuljanović, Marko Janković, Nebojša Kosović, and Risto Radunović.


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