Here is who the man is when Emina NOW calls her a “baby” (PHOTO) ||


A popular singer Emina Jahović he doesn’t discuss his private life and love life in public, and somehow he’s always at the center of media attention and curious fans who follow him step by step. In full speed experiments with her ex-husband Mustafa Sandal Emina published a photo of the man for failing to pay maintenance, to whom she addressed emotional words and confused the entire audience.

Emina Jahović’s love life – a burning subject and the subject of many speculations

Although there was speculation about Emina Jahović’s love life after the divorce, it is known that the singer had fun with the Turkish billionaire Sadetinom Saranom, and all in all, it is certain that Mustafa ‘s ex – wife is happy next to the new man.

Namely, he posted a photo on his “Instagram” Rashita Bagzibalija, a striking Turkish who is currently a big name in the fashion world and congratulated her on her birthday and called her a “baby”. While it’s possible it’s just a friendship, the fact is that Emina never talks so emotionally about the man in public, and this gesture originated from rumors that maybe Rashit is her new boyfriend.

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However, it is very likely that they are just friends or some business collaboration is visible, judging by the fact that she is a handsome Turkish designer and has her own fashion line, but is also the part of the audience that thinks maybe something more is going to happen between them. time will tell.


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