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"He's a girl who's lost in time and space!" • HAPPYTV.RS

IVAN MARINKOVIĆ ONLY FOR HAPPY.RS: "He's a donkey lost in time and space!"

1. The week for us marked your argument with your sister who publicly stated that he did not follow the "Couples", such as he did not support your connection with Jelena Ilić. You agreed to report to the program, after which you were deliberately debating. do you now wonder whether your non-maintenance of your sister will affect your relationship with Jelena?

– I'm sure I'm watching the Couples, I know best. Because of the ending of the ending, it has fallen under one's influence, because it's just a continuation of its nervousness since last season. This is a rare situation that it does not support my connection and that's a strange thing to me.I'm sorry about the ugly words I sent her. My relationship with Jelena Niko will not affect, and my sister no longer has to be involved.

2. Sister Jovana's sister was more than a coarse to you. She was also involved in Jelenina Majka, who also does not support your relationship. Has she hurt the disrespect shown by Jelenina Porodica and how do you now feel after all?

"For Sessy's sake I know it's not our connection, and now I see that the rest of the family is not for it. My best friend did not wash my belongings, so this is a sign of intolerance towards me. Very little hit me all this, just because it is a bit cooler feeling when you have the complete support. Most important to me is the glint of love and somehow I'm sure that all this only strengthens our relationship.

3. Many have commented that you were glad because of all the events because you were in the center of attention for the whole night, where Nikola Lakić was headed. Are you ready to go so far as to get to the First Place?

– Well, if one does not use that spoiled thing and if anyone does not need this sight to push in the foreground, then that's me. For Miss Lakić, I'm not surprised by anything, because just the one who is lost in the space tries to try to find herself in every way put it in the Event Center, copying everything, like my own, and some of the former good competitors.I want to win!
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