How Ronaldinho in Belgrade? –


The day after the red star's historic victory at Liverpool's league
championship (2: 0), another surprise in Belgrade.

Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldino is tonight
about 23 hours arrived in Belgrade and was welcomed at the airport
a number of journalists who failed unsuccessfully in Brazil
gets an opinion.

He rushed to the hotel where he stays, and his cause
the arrival of Belgrade is the nature of business.

Media tells the story of Brazil's forthcoming Serbian capital next
It's a day to register an ad for one bookmaker.

Ronaldinho started his brilliant career at the Gremia in Brazil,
where he went to Paris Saint-Germain in 2001 and two years later
he became a member of Barcelona, ​​where he spent five seasons when he was
reached the peak of reputation.

He defended Milan, Flamengo, Atletico Mineira,
Mexican Keretar and Fluminense. Professional football
his career ended in 2015.


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