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I sent explicit recordings to my boyfriend and there are no FINA reality contestants!

Ljiljana Stevanović Lili answered questions from her partners.

Right at the beginning, Lily was asked if she would like to return to reality, to which she immediately replied that she was sorry for coming out of the magnificent mansion.

The next question his partner asked him was whether he thought Tara Simov and Milan Janković Čorba should be together.

Ljiljana Stevanovic Lili
photo: Print screen / RedTV

– Tara is a great girl, Chorba is a good guy. I’m talking from my point of view, I don’t know how they work, he has too much temperament, they don’t fit together. Tara is a very good girl who would give you her soul.

Everything you know about Nadica without wrapping in film?

– Nadica is a woman who lives, it is my personal opinion, she lives for the honor of her daughter. My son is more successful than you, so I don’t live for it. My son is a water polo player, a student, he educates, plays folklore, plays the accordion, there are years, more than 10 years, I think it is an exceptional success for the boy. I think I have more material to praise with my son. Nadica came to reality, not Kija, she constantly shouts “My Kija, my Kija”. I respect Kija, but Nadica participates in reality shows, not her daughter. Every sentence starts with “My Kija”, I think it’s boring and should come up. Even though he’s six years older than me, he has to get out. Let me show you the messages, you don’t believe me. And many others have nothing to show. I took off my clothes and was the manager, and I joked about my account, I really showed something, and I don’t know what he looked like. He became Nadica Kamelina, as already Zeljkovic. I say again, every part of Kija, she was nice to me, but simply, keep the woman you knew going forward, as long as you live as a woman at Kija’s expense, she should make her name.

Nadica Zeljkovic
photo: Pritnscreen

How did you react when you left reality and saw your leaked video?

– These are my recordings, I have no problem. The purpose is my boyfriend, we lived on two different continents, I had to somehow animate him. We all women do it, everyone who says it doesn’t work is lying. Five more can leak, I’m not ashamed, I pointed out well.

Lily pointed out that she knew Ceca Raznatovic, to whom some compared her when she saw Lily’s pictures of her youth.

– Now I tell you, I know Ceca personally, I worked where his uncle Ivan Veličković worked, then Ceca bought an apartment, I greeted him this way. She is a wonderful woman, woman, woman! It’s something amazing, I need to get my mouth back the way I was, I cut my nose a little more than I needed.

Ljiljana Stevanovic
photo: Printscreen / Instagram

If you went back to reality, which cooperative would reveal everything you know?

– Of all! There is no one who would be nice, I also have butter, I start with myself. Now someone is telling you what this story is about. And I was also a difference between generations when commenting on the 25-year-old girl, I’m jealous. I love beautiful girls, women, but everyone has a story. I’m a little emotional even when someone is kind to me, how could I spit when he did not hurt me any, but when I look at from this perspective, they step over the dead, make stories that are true and not.

When he went out and met his son for the first time, did the latter do anything that hated him?

– My son? Well no. My son told me, like most people, that there were so many positive comments that he didn’t even know what was happening.Đ/Pink


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