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Is Dejan Savic 150 years old? – Culture

More than 600 signatures for the replacement of Dejan Savić, head of the national theater … Tanja Mandić Rigonat, Director

It is not artificial to stay silent and give the fear of setting the limits of life and theater scene

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. Just as when we create presentations and analyze dramatic work, signs, and situations and are deep or superficial, true or false, professional at the last atom or the Smirn, we can also apply to events that are related to the house we work and create. We can decide to participate in the destruction of the theater together with Director Dejan Savic or do everything we can to stop the collapse of the national theater. Following the fundamental artistic call, and this is the need for good creation, creation, recognition, and good recognition, we have decided to speak and do everything possible to make us ashamed of all the giants born in national theaters and the phenomenon in front of the theater. And from the moment when there is mankind's conscience and subconscious, an era and a man's mirror, an agrarian, where the essential questions emerge about the importance of human and social life and destiny. Therefore, the protest "It is not artificial to keep silent" is overwhelming responsibility for the past, present and future and not part of politics, as Dejan Savić qualifies for his support on the armchair chair and the national theater drama support. So far, more than 600 artists have been signed and admirers of the artistic accomplishments of the National Art Theater drama "It's Not Artificial Silence".

Perhaps the public is not sufficiently well-informed that the drama of a national theater with two-thirds of the theater's entire software is the heart of the cultural institution. In every 30 plays of Raas Plaovic and the big scene we have at least 12 opera and ballet. There are 77 employees in the drama (Actors, directors, drama, inspirers, organizers, souffleri …) are the smallest art industry and we have 10 percent of the total number of theater workers. And when we are in the art, numbers (how many Dejan Savic and his theater are in the sun) are not decisive, but the people they say are not artificial silently. And this is said by artists who do not accept the fear of truth correction and who make Dejan Savić's operations and general management endangered by the supreme act of defense of artificial matter.

It is not artificial to keep silent because of the transition. d. drama director of Zeljko Hubacin. According to the statute of the theater, the director is appointed by the drama director. From this point of view, there is nothing controversial about the dismissal of Ž. Hubača is except for the artistic lobotomy drama. Over the past four years, the drama has reached an undeniable artistic rise and recovery. Success has been reinforced with the public's desire to watch performances and reward them by often standing doors, criticizing professional reviews and 109 awards at domestic and international festivals. In the best annual performances, our performances are. We have come to a wider area due to aesthetics, due to the different poetry of guidance, the courageous pursuit of contemporary art expression. Freedom was a prerequisite for all true creativity. Because of this and such freedom, four major seasons have taken place. In the explanation of the dismissal of Zeljko Hubac, the chief says that he wants to change the vision of the drama repertoire. Vizuru's success is aesthetic and socially relevant software !? Hubača was replaced after a policy daily interview asking where money was in the drama version of the jubilee season. Why were the tracks and drama taken during the jubilee year without the premiere until April? How do Savic and UO like it in a good national theater? Dejan Savic has many silent "why" at different levels, and many "why" are practitioners of life and profession, for if we do not defend our profession that defends arrogance, professionalism, and irresponsibility.

It is unacceptable that Dejan Savic remains guardian and that Zeljko Hubac is punished for all successes and for the public, professional, not free. It is embarrassing that the institution celebrating 150 years from the beginning is waiting for a scaffolding celebration because the administration's incompetence has not taken all the necessary procedures and works in time to make the house flare up for such an anniversary as the drama blasting software. We do not accept that there is a man on the house who does not respect him, but who declares in the media that he is an institution! In the media it is false to say that after protests there is no artistic opposition, and that we are the hidden opposition program contractors that we have no real voice, we hope that we are the dolls through which others say … Actors once haunted outside the funeral poor community members, They are infected. Today, the head of the National Theater tries to stay in the chair of Nuskin, to proclaim the artists puppets, naive, misleading, unable to perceive in whose name they speak. He goes so far as the psychologist of open politics, that he sees the elements of conspiracy from support from regional colleagues. We received support from all the areas where we made quality and artistic recognition, not the bad intentions of artists from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary and Montenegro. Are you trying to intervene in the international and opposition poles, against Serbia, against Dejan Savić? How far can man go to power? He also criticizes the prizes by saying that they are given to Hubchev martiferists by lawyer and not that they deserve it. What to say except resignation.

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