Maybe we care about the group, we have to believe it


Borjan: Maybe we're going through a group, we have to believe it

The Red Star has given two goals to Liverpool but should not forget what it is Milan Borjan he managed to do it to the naked star.

He managed to save his network against such players as they did Mohamed Salah. Roberto Fandrmino i Sadio Mane. It stayed on the Liverpool side of traffic lights.

After the match he said that the feeling was unreal and he should not lose hope that Zvezda could even continue.
"Everyone means this to us. Something unrealistic. We hope that they will talk about us and this generation from 1973 onwards"he said Borjan after the game.

Marakana stood behind the players throughout the match. The team got a lot of energy Vladan Milojevic stand.
"We had incredible support, we did not have to fear anyone, we showed that many do not believe, but we are others." We came to the Europa League and then to the Champions League. it"says Red Star goalkeeper.

How are Liverpool's players reacting after a defeat?
"They are great lords. They were right before and after the match. I want them all the best".

Maracana and Enfield?
"It can not be compared"Star's Guardian's message is clear.

The star after this match has four points. Liverpool is six, and the match between Naples and Paris Saint-Germain is expected.

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