Nadezhda told him what Luna had done to him when the cameras did not write, and he noticed that he was suing her! | telegraph


Singer Nadezda Biljić, who escapes from the cooperative, challenges Luna Đogan for alleged physical violence, although no one has seen him in front of the cameras.

Nadezhda argues that when disputes contradicted him, he made her to live, and the snapshot was searched for evidence.

"The moon was sitting in horror, I had an internal blade, no one saw it because it appeared in two days," Nadezhda said and added that Luna only sacrificed:

Luna, Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Office

"The fact that Luna jumped over the safety that she would shout at me and shout me of course, I will return her." I understand why he defends his brother and I want to jump on someone to attack him. But if he had been with my brother as I did with him and watching him as a family member, I would take both of them in my hands and take them to the pub and let them speak until they solved the problems. In the foreground of Cooperative 1, he is a victim, and all other invaders can tell the mother and father.

– I took a hearing with the judge to find out what the law says and bring a lawsuit against anyone who would hurt me, curs and threaten me and the moon. Jutjubi has some great recordings, I have proof, Nadezhda says.


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