Monday , March 8 2021

PNEUMATIC PUMP? Drivers, finally good news when the fuel price is in question! | news

Sounds incredible, but Serbian oil producers report that after long fuel Serbia is finally cheap!

Eurodiesel could be pumped at lower prices per week, as the fall in oil prices in the global stock market is also reflected in Serbia.

The US decision to terminate the nuclear agreement and sanctions against Iran on November 4 did not undermine the oil market, and the black gold barrel did not pay a few days ago. On the contrary, instead of the reported rise of $ 86 and $ 100 a barrel, black gold will fall in recent days. Oil on stock exchanges is currently being bought for about $ 72 a barrel. Serbian prices are expected to be less than five dinar per liter. Since the average price of gasoline BMB 95 in Serbia now ranges from about 157 RSDs and Eurodiesel to 170 dinars per liter, the calculation is clear, but only if oil on international exchanges does not increase in the meantime.

Milan Rakić of the Private Petroleum Association tells Kurir that the rise and fall in Serbian fuel prices depends solely on the stock prices of crude oil.

– Oscillations occur every 15 days per month in relation to changes in crude oil prices on the stock market. This oil must be delivered to Serbia, pumped to Pancevo's processing plant to handle it, to reach the pump and last for 15 days a month. It is cheaper from three to five dinar and only if the crude oil trend continues, if not, then nothing. Fuel prices in Serbia are not high because of crude oil, but VAT is calculated on excise taxes, ie taxes – says Rakic.

Drivers are still skeptical of all these announcements, as the major changes in the pumps were not even when "Brent" from $ 86.74 a barrel at the beginning of October dropped to 76.47 and US light fuel oil dropped from 76.72 to 66.41 dollars per barrel.ć


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