Politics Online – hit postman in Cacak


Cacak – The postman of Čačak's 3rd district was beaten on Monday by a Roma connection near the livestock market when he delivered them a post office, and it was alleged that the Romantic JM was injured at the event.

Both the postman and J.M. moved to the Cacak hospital, they are at the surgery department and are not life-threatening.

"The postman is injuries and cuts in the main area, but it's a good general condition," Tanjug told Cacak hospital spokeswoman Biljana Kocovic.

Romany J.M. were injured in a sharp object in the abdomen and in the Cacak hospital they confirmed that he was being treated at the surgery facility and that he was not life-threatening.

Ljubic's postman confirmed that the mail attack was on Monday in the roman community of Sajmište, not far from the Cacak livestock market.

"They called me from a police station to take a bag and a bike, but when I got there, I was shocked at the place. I got three police cars and land marks, and there was blood," said Vladan Vukosavljevic for Western Serbia's voices.

Colleagues of attacking posters reported what happened.

"The boy is young and he just started to work, sent them a mail and they hit him in the blood." We discussed the demonstration because it has crossed all the usual limits, "said one of his fellow postmodern mailboxes.


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