Wednesday , April 14 2021

Republic / Grab a cat, he died of rabies


The British Public Health Institute (PHE) issued a warning to those who travel to avoid touching animals while staying in countries that are in disarray. PHE did not publish more information about British deaths.

No violation was found in wildlife and domestic animals in Britain, but five Brits were infected between 2000 and 2017 "exposure to animals abroad", writes Bi-Bi-Si.

The last case of rabies in the United Kingdom was recorded in 2012 when the British cleaned the dog in Southeast Asia.

(VIDEO) Hero steals passer's dog and BUY BE TESTING!

Fear is a viral infection that affects the brain and central nervous system and is transmitted by the bite or scratches the infected animals have met in Asia and Africa.

In the UK, viruses like viruses contain certain types of bats.

So far there has been no reported transmission of virus from one person to another.

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