Monday , August 2 2021

Scientists have found: Here is how many years your heart needs to recuperate when cigarettes are dropped! | Beautiful and healthy

Former smokers have to wait 15 years to reduce heart disease and stroke, a new study showed.

When analyzing 8,700 people aged 50, Vanderbilt researchers found it Former smokers need more than ten years to eliminate the negative effects of nicotine and other chemicals on tobacco in their bodies.

"Unfortunately, this is good news. Heart and blood vessels can quickly recover from smokeless damage ", Says Meredith Duncan, MD, a doctoral program at Vanderbilt University. The lungs are a completely different story.

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Cardiac disease is the most common killer in all countries of the world, including America and the United Kingdom. And as there is more and more heart disease (due to obesity, stress, lack of exercise and poor nutrition), the number of movable hearts is the same.

Fortunately, one of the biggest risk factors – smoking – is no longer "modern" as it was before, more specifically when "Cigarette Paper" was released in the early 1990s by finding out how many cigarettes actually harm people's health.

"By publishing information about the impact of smoking on health, the number of former smokers is increasing, but no information on the health risks associated with smoking cessation," Duncan said.

Dancan and his team wanted to investigate how long smoking cessation smoked the former smoker's health.

"In the long run, people have no knowledge of what people think about strictly collected information," Duncan told DailyMail.

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