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SERBIA NBA: Melou defends Jokicia, Jeger praises Bjelica basketball

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10 November 2018 17:26 |

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Nikola was wrong, he paid for it, landed slightly from his spine, said Denver coach. That was a big factor in our success, Kings says

From a substitute statement, a $ 25,000 penalty, a bad pointer's impact, a charge of attack, Nikola Jokic replied to a glittering party that did not help Denver to avoid Brooklyn's defeat – 110: 112. 33 minutes later, Serbia won two seasonal reports (37 points, 21 rebounds) eighth Dabl dabl, but Netsi Levert was more skilled in finishing the match.

Nagets' first hope was shown to anyone who was worried that he was not in crisis. However, this edition does not mean anything to him because the team suffered a defeat and therefore there were no statements from America after the match. But in defense of Nikolai, all the events of the previous day, coach Michael Meloun stopped:

– So much to say to this bad kid, some of whom I can understand. But we, who we knew, left him alone. He made a mistake, he paid for it. Take off his spine. He's a fine boy, he loves everything, and he did not mean to hurt anyone. Let the 23-year-old child have a big, big future in Denver.

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Naget, regardless of this defeat, which is only in the third season, with nine wins, still Portland shares a high second place in the West. Only Golden State Warriors 10-2 have a better score than they did. Slightly lower, the seventh position is Sacramento (7-5), which celebrated Friday and Saturday night against Minnesota 121: 110.

This match was the opportunity for Nemanja Bjelica to see with former teammates, but also to show them how he succeeded in the new environment. Our representatives celebrating good moves as the "wolves" sparked him the best of the last three years. He finished the match with 14 points and eight rebounds, but also special feelings …

– I have been able to react too strongly, but I was not able to control emotions – told Bjelica. – Before the match, I told you that this match is the same as I do for me, but I've been deceived. Maybe I was too emotional, but I had to overcome the feeling I had in my stomach.

He struck a great shot from long range:

– It's crazy sometimes. I missed the first three trips and I was completely open. And then I took those crazy shots and felt great.

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He received praise from coach Dave Yeger:

– It was a major factor in our success, it was fired through people. He had a tough game, Adetokunb and Sijak, high, athletic, very powerful players who made him a bit bigger. This has bothered him, which you do not usually notice to players who are 30 years old, but he is concerned about him. He is full of passion being here, he wants to do everything well, he loves teammates and everything is fine.

Unlike Bjelica, who celebrated victory in court, Bogdanovic considered the whole match as a bench because of his return to his return.

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