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Star releases season tickets for sale


Star releases season tickets for sale

After three prizes on Monday, Red Star returned to Euroliga and is now preparing for the next season. The club announced that season 2019/2020 season ticket sales. starts on Monday, June 24th.

In the new season, Red Star plays over 40 matches in the Arena and Hall Aleksandar Nikolic at Euroliga, ABA League and Serbian Basketball League.

The price for season tickets for stadiums A, B, C and D is 12,000 diners, and last season's ticket holders have a discount, so this card group costs 10,000 dinars. Parter B and Parter 4 should receive 18,000 dinars or 16,000 (for those with last season's tickets). The lodge costs 65,000 dinars, 60,000 dinars for those who had season tickets in the last season.

Blue loggia costs 48,000 dinars or 45,000 discounts for those with season tickets last year, and 38,000 and 35,000 dinars should be placed in the white box location.

New season ticket owners slowly pay the first place to 170,000 dinars and those who had last year's 160,000 season tickets. The second place on the second line costs 80,000 and 70,000 dinars for those who had last season's tickets. In the first line, the price of a slow spot (first line) is 110,000 dinars (100,000 loyal stars last season), and only 60,000 dinars (50,000) should be split into the second row and 50,000 (or 40,000) dinars to the third.

In a slow location, "ZVEZDAS I RED" fans should share 120,000 dinars, or 110,000 dinars.

More information on buying tickets can be found on the KK Red Star website.

PHOTO: KK Red Star

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