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Through sanitary facilities they damaged the state chronicle

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15 November 2018 06:57 |

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About 190,000 euros worth of goods from Niš

More than 16,000 toilet wc, washbasins, bathtubs, cups, souvenirs, bids, urinals and supplies worth around $ 190,000 were taken out of the Nis customs warehouse and placed on the market before their obligations to the state were solved.

This caused damages of over 9 million dinar to unpaid customs in Serbia, they reported to the customs administration. This is, as it claims, the fourth theft of customs warehouses over the past ten days.

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It is clear that, although the goods are stored, it is called a 'public customs warehouse', it is not managed by a customs service and the customs authorities do not offer goods there. They will be responsible for their normal and exceptional checks until the customs procedure for goods ends.

– In the last ten days, this is Nes 4's inventory where abuse has been found. In the additional customs control, it was found that the holders of all four disputed stocks were spouses of that city and that the missing goods were for the same importer of Nisi – they say in the administration.

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