Vest he is a singer Viki Miljkovic bought three apartments "Belgrade on the Water" exploded in public.

Viki decided to advertise this issue.

I do not want to talk about whether it's one or thirty-three, it's completely irrelevant. I can only say that I have always tried to give the example for young people, what they need and what they need. I'm not married, I've never used money for a wedding, not stupidity. I work for 25 years, I have never taken, stolen or kidnapped anyone. I got everything myself, my husband and I. Until I swallow the bare skin I have not taken or deserved something deserved. I am a 25-year-old, my husband more than 30 years of age, if we do not invest in something, and we do not get it, then our lives will be lost, and I think it is better to give an example of people that all what they deserve, try to invest in some smart things as much as they can . It is much better than working age 25-30 and looking back and not knowing where we were or what we were doing and asking about the age of our youth. I'm not a bully, I'm not someone who wants to throw away her money and she does not know where the money goes, she should be smart enough to live her life – he said.

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