Sunday , April 11 2021

Becky Lynch retired from the WWE Survivor series with Ronda Rousey for injury

Peace Man's Champion Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Champion Becky Lynch waiting for the Champion vs. Champion event will not take place on Sunday in the Survivor series. The game has been pulled from the Survivor Series card for Lynch injuries that closed this week's Raw-Home edition. Lynch's injuries and the cancellation of the match were first reported by and later by Dave Meltzer, The Wrestling Observer.

This unfortunate news was confirmed as soon as SmackDown Live's go-home version started on Tuesday. The announced groups highlighted Monday night events before announcing that Lynch was drawn from the Survivor series, what they described as a "broken face".

Six days before the match, Lynch appeared on the first attack on the Raw event segment with Rousey in the dressing room area with Dis-Arm-Her before SmackDown's women's assault. However, Lynch's nose was still open until the Nazi Jax appeared to be an unintentionally strong blow during an assault. Despite the injury, Lynch continued to attack, rubbing Rousey's tire with a steel rim, as the blood blew his face and fans called his name. Raw material was closed on Monday night when Lynch's iconic image stood in the middle of the fans and was cut off in the summoned Rousey's squares.

From now on, Rousey has not had a substitute opponent in the Survivor series – if the SmackDown women's champion will be unrecognizable.

The timing of Lynch's accident injury is poor, it would be a massive understatement. Not only was the dominant female master of SmackDown, who quickly rose to the company's biggest actress, but his performance late has been summoned by many to the unquestionably best of the WWE's general performers – a man or a woman. Everyone who contained his assault on Monday night long fans compare the moment Austin 3:16 "Austin 3:16" promo "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in June 1996 at King of the Ring, acting as a catalyst to launch him into a completely different stratospheric as far as superior. The mainstream star with Rousey on Sunday night in the Survivor series was probably more than Lynch's pace, winning or losing.

Despite the regrettable nature, there is a reason to be optimistic about the future. Lynch can not compete in the ring for an unknown time, no, but the feature that has been greatly helped to get him as far as he is late is his ability to do wonders for the microphone. When he recovers on Monday night, there is no other reason to believe that "Irish Lass Kicker" can not yet speak his blatant speech every Tuesday night until he is ready to return to action.

Although we were all more than set to see Lynch and Rousey compete against each other on Sunday night, these two will step in the ring to get Head-to-Head one day soon down the line when this bug is properly revisited. And in view of Buzz Lynch's actions created for Raw, the WWE may have been a talented fan of the women's WrestleMania main events recently in recent times.

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