Wednesday , February 24 2021

Gibernau makes a new comeback for MotoE – Motorcycle racing

Gibernau, 45, is the latest competitor who has registered to participate in the new five-round all-electric MotoGP racing series and is competing for the Pons team.

The Spanish last year competed in the Grand Prix in 2009 with the Onde 2000 team after three years, even though he only participated in six races before the team was folded.

Recently, he has been working as a rider for Dani Pedrosan even though their partnership ended this year when the Honda rider decided to retire.

"Of course, I never thought that I would take part in a motorcycle race in the championship, because I am retired permanently, but life is always surprising to them when I retired ten years and compete, I'm here," Gibernau said.

"Thanks for the site [Pons, team owner] because he has given me the opportunity.

"[With Pons] when I have insisted so much to convince me and make this new challenge with a new illusion in my life, I'm going to work hard so that I could live at the invitation of a person such as Sito.

"It makes me really excited to live and pilot this new generation of electric wheels and do me a bit [enhance] its development. "

Gibernau started a single race in Ponsse's 250cc Grand Prix in 1995 and continued with the greatest success at the competing Honda customer in the MotoGP, Gresini.

"We knew we had to have an experienced pilot and I see no better option than Sete Gibernau to join this project," Pons said.

"I was sure he was ready and deserved his best, as he has always worked in his career to fight against the top points.

"His experience and ability is what makes him a reference category. I am very pleased to have him and I want to start a new challenge of cooperation."

Gibernau is the fourth MotoGP experience that has been registered with MotoE and comes to Bradley Smith, Xavier Simeon and Randy de Puniet.

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