John Cena competed in the Captain America movie after a royal character after a mysterious Instagram post


WWE legend John Cena is tilted next to Captain America.

Cena, 41, has focused on acting career by going part-time with WWE and has been involved in several successful films.

His latest performance is at Transformers Spin-off at Bumblebee, but he has added speculation that he could soon be part of the Marvel franchise.

Earlier this week he sent a secret message to Captain America on Instagram with scratching.

When Chris Evans' contract expires after the following Avengers 4, this post has led to speculation that Cena could be a man who replaces him.

John Cena

Despite the proposals, he is the next captain of America, other reports show a different role.

Esquire claims that Cena is more likely to be in the Blank Panther 2 coming.

There is no confirmation of his or her next role until after the deadline is set for his return to WWE.

Cena chose battles at WWE's latest Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

He withdrew from the controversy surrounding the event when journalist Jamal Khashoggi assassinated Istanbul's Saudi Consulate.

Cena appeared to break her silence when she sent a silent message on Twitter just a few hours before the event.

John Cena is in action

"Take responsibility for your office and your choices," he wrote.

"Know that everyone does not see your point of view. If you're offending anyone, apologize for an apology and apologize."

The message was well received for fans who twit back their support.

One wrote: "Yes, first respect when the first person owns his word and action." "Well, said Cena, I love you."


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