Sunday , May 16 2021

I don’t choose, it’s a good weight loss program for the summer

today 11:41

Finnish referee Jukka-Pekka Koistinen lost seven teeth during the match in the Finnish league. In the weekend match between the HPK Hämeenlinna and Jukurit Mikkeli teams, the recovered puck hit him in the face.

Immediately after the throw, the puck sent Miro Ruokonen to the goal, immediately from the goalkeeper Sami Rayaniemi, he accidentally bounced into the referee’s face. The judge immediately fell on the ice and could not get up for a long time, he was immediately taken to the hospital.

After his recovery, he commented with humor on the whole situation: “My body weakened as if someone had turned off the lights. But my consciousness quickly returned. As I lay on the ice, I felt like all my teeth had fallen out of my mouth. The dentist told me that four teeth had been completely removed and the other three were broken.

In addition, I have an upper jaw fracture and concussion. My mouth hurts a lot, but I don’t complain. The puck could hit me a little lower and hit my neck, which would be even worse. I can’t eat a solid diet for about a month, but this is a good weight loss program for the summer. “ quoted the Finnish portal of the arbitrator

Koistinen, 38, is a former hockey player, and according to his memories, only one tooth has fallen from a player’s career.

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