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In Colorado he wants to go to his father's stages: Every day we call, grant Nikolai Kovalenko

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Andrej Kovalenko does not, of course, tell fans a lot. But it is certain that they will remember those who have seen the Colorado tide Stanley Cup in the early years. Although the former Russian striker eventually changed his jersey in the aforementioned period, he left his track under the Skalist mountain. Now his son Nikolai does something similar.

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That's why Colorado chose it in draft 171. place in the 6th round. Still, he has an agreement with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, which was won by Slovan at 3: 0 on Saturday. Although a young striker is only 19 years old, KHL has already managed to play 17 games.

After the Slovan battle Š an interesting interview and how challenging the first days were abroad and why he and his father played after each match.

Have you come to Bratislava for the first time?

"No, I'm here for the second time. As early as in September last year I played here Slovan against. But I really enjoy the atmosphere during the game. For me, every match is a great experience. In addition, this fight is even better, because Slovan is in front of him experienced and skilled ice hockey players."

This year, your color photo wrote you where your father Andrej once played. What was his reaction when he noticed that his former team worked in you?

"Not only did she, but my whole family was happy, when I met Joe Sakic, I was still amazed, and I was watching him play and he was one of my favorite players."

Was your father giving you any advice?

"He told me that I had to do some work on a daily basis I have also continued to emphasize that when I want to get to the NHL.. Of GDP, it must be done on the ice why I try to improve every day in all aspects of the game areas I work my power, because my dream is to play in the NHL. In Colorado behind. "

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Nikolai Kovalenko

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Nikolai Kovalenko


Do you follow the Colorado matches and its results?

"Sure, I even found out that they are playing with Vancouver, it's a shame they lost, but I love watching them, they play with my compatriots Zadorov and Varlamov, they also have other big young players in their midst, and I hope to play with them once."

You mentioned Semjona Varlamova and Nikita Zadorova. Do you know yourself personally?

"I just talked to Varlam, after drafting I went to the new camp and there he was, he told me hey, hello, I know you, it really made me happy and it helped me very early. feelings. "

Was there something else that surprised you during the camp?

"I'm sure I do not understand the coach, when he explained something he spoke very quickly, really fast and it was a pretty big problem (laughter)

So the most important goal is to learn English?

"That's right, it's happening now, because I have a couple of foreign men in the team with whom we speak English every day, with coaches and implementing teams, and every day I try to improve and it's going to happen."

You have recently signed a three-year agreement with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. If you are interested in Colorado, are they ready to release you in the club sooner rather than later?

"I do not know, but it would be best for me to stay here for three seasons and play at KHL." My dad also advised me, so I think it would be the best. "This league is good and I have a lot of experience."

Nikolai Kovalenko

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Nikolai Kovalenko


Have you set something special this season?

"Yes, but I do not want to focus on the points yet, but I do not want to improve my game as such, we have three other young men with whom we play the most, we talk a lot about how we can play better, and older players are very useful here. they tell me what I can do on the ice. "

And your dad, he will not give you any advice?

"Of course, yes, after each match, we'll call each other and tell them what's going to be improved." I want to play as much as I can to keep up the whole year. "



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