Saturday , July 31 2021

Karin Hayd's daughter grew to beauty: does she want to act as a model for the future?

Before winter and Christmas the actress is relaxed on the beach at 30 degrees heat. In addition to relaxing, he visited popular tourist attractions without which he would not even stay in this city in the future. These include, without any doubt, a visit to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa 828-meter-high skyscraper. Karin made a beautiful picture of her daughter and when she looked at Vanessa we had to ask if the actor wanted the model.

"Modeling offers are given at the age of 12. I do not want to blow him into the world as young. He has experience in advertising, comics and movies. Photos are fun. We see in what direction it lasts," Karin Haydin explains feminine.

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Since her daughter is the only one, Karin also deals with fashion issues and also wears some of her mother's wardrobe: "Sometimes I eat something even though I'm already dressed in a piece of clothing. I think we have a similar taste, but we all dressed for age," she told the actor.

At the end of the year I worked

In the last two months of the year, the actress is busy. In addition to the theater, she also has a lot of celebrations: "I play in eight theatrical presentation, I regularly moderate the Slovak radio and there will be a half period of Christmas, when I treat a lot of stocks. We used the autumn holidays and we got a little warm. We will definitely spend Christmas in the family circle and New Year's Eve is still open," Karin described his plan in the next few years.

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