Sunday , July 25 2021

Mika asked Voley's voters to give him a better voice

Václav Mika asked voters to vote on Mrvova's chances of winning.

Bratislava's mayor, Václav Mika, an independent candidate called his opponents and voters – opposition parties (OĽaNO, SaS, we are a family, KDH, OKS, Nova, change from below), support Jan Mrvávia on Saturday (November 10th). Mika announced it from Wednesday's supplementary release. He stepped in as little as possible in the battle of the mayor of Mr Bratislava and the need to combine forces with the capital.

Mika said that the other candidates for the mayors of Bratislav had at least a confrontation with Mr. Mrs as part of the pre-election talks.

"We understand a lot of things, but his chances are low, and cooperation is the most important thing in Bratislava, so I call on Janin the voters to support me in basic education and get a lot of cooperation", Mika said.

He does not know about his transition to a pre-election change but to fight for trust. "Of course, I begin with our opportunities, and we are two hours before the moratorium, and it is logical that we do not want to drop the vote," said an independent candidate. On Tuesday (November 6th), the TASR confirmed two independent sources, including the opposition, that he has resigned on behalf of the Miku party, who has announced that he will not withdraw for anyone because many people cheat and want to win the elections. Mika's popularity, "the political parties and movements, the results and the trends that show the chances of individual candidates give room for such a debate, but I did not attend," Mika said on Wednesday.

Ten candidates

The capital is owned by nine men and one woman. Of them, the capital, Ivo Nesrovnal, is an independent candidate. Independent candidates include, among others, Director and former CEO of RTVS, author and organizer of Václav Mika, Miroslav Vetrík, author of the Coronation Gatherings in Bratislava, and the current vice president of the capital, Iveta Plšeková.

Architect and musician Matúš Vallo supported by architect and musician Matúš Vallo, supported by the UN and the Youth Party supported by the extraordinary parliamentary group Common – Civic Democracy and Progressive Slovakia, attorney Jaroslav Brada – current Slovakian candidate, economist and chairman of the Extraordinary Parliamentary Party NAJ Viktor Beres.

The only common candidate for the lesson OÅANO, SaS, we are a family, KDH, OKS, Nova, a change from below to the Mayor of Bratislava is the current mayor of Vajnór Ján Mrva. Supported by Andrej Hlinkka, Slovakian People's Party, is the leader of the Bratislava administration also expert Andrej Trnovec and Slovakian national community support party – patriotic lawyer Roman Ruhig.

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