NAKA hit the Empire: finding unexpected cops


Armament than a smaller army! The Anti-Infamy Unit NAKA found and grabbed a huge amount of ammunition, explosives and drugs.

Men of justice have begun to take great action in the three counties. Morning morning late in the evening which operate in Ružomberok, Spišská Nová Ves, Košice and Kežmarok. From what they found elsewhere in the living quarters, they were surprised by the police themselves.

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The work that the police has worked for a long time has been centered on Alexander N. (19) from Smižian, his father and Daniel K. Kežmarok, who joined him in March this year. The car was stopped in the Hubi village, the men of the law they found the leaves full of sharp bullets of machine gun model 58 and drugs. In a few hours, the police team arrived at the premises of the former Mraziarni Kežmarok, owned by Daniel's father, Ježko, the underworld businessman Milan Kušmírek. However, he is currently out of the country.

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During several inspections, police gave amphetamine, which could produce at least 44 drug doses. They also found the ammunition they had investigated. "The police have received a drug laboratory and a large number of weapons, ammunition and explosives. NAKA investigator accused two 42 and 35-year-old men and 19-year-old women. According to police findings, they should consider drugs across the Slovak Republic and distribute them in other cities, "said PRZ spokeswoman Denisa Balogh. After trio guilty, there is a threat of 10-15 years of bass.


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