Sunday , August 1 2021

Samsung already has the first flexible mobile phone, but it has not yet been sold

When almost unknown Chinese manufacturer Royole and her FlexPai, another smartphone will come on the market. This time however, a well-known manufacturer's logo, just a few days away. At the Samsung Developer Conference, the manufacturer introduced the expected model with a flexible piece.

seeRoyole FlexPai – the first flexible smartphone you can buy

But Samsung's novelty is not real. It is a concept that uses the so-called "Infinity Flex" display, which is a completely new type of display made of flexible layers.

SOURCE | Samsung

Unfortunately, unlike Royole, Samsung did not say anything about the new smartphone. Of what the manufacturer has made, it is clear that the display is not yet mounted on any serial port. Justin Denison, SVP Mobile Product Marketing, Samsunug showed only a box with a small front screen and an Intinic Flex screen. It should be 7.8 ".

SOURCE | Samsung

As the display is almost square, applications do not appear on the entire desktop, but also side by side across the entire workstation. But for developers, Samsung has produced complete documentation of the potential development of applications for new displays.

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This smartphone works with the latest Android device with the new One UI, which Samsung also introduced in the SDC 2018 demonstration session. One UI interface is considerably easier, several items are bigger and more user-friendly.

The folding screen after the new one also supports Google and its Android operating system.

SOURCE | Samsung

And now it starts … Thanks to Samsung and LG, who are also working with a full-fledged display, such displays are growing and competing manufacturers are beginning to produce fully flexible smartphones. I just recently wrote that the slice on the smartphone screen is not a future. This is the future. scrolling display.

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